Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's been a while....

Yes, I'm still alive...

What with the end of the semester and being in the north woods of Michigan at the Interlochen Arts Camp (I get full access to internet in a day or two), blogging has just been a bit unrealistic. That said, I thought I'd put a quick one together and at least discuss what I'm working on (on here) for the summer.

Interviews: I'm in a fortuitous situation where I might be able to do a quick sit down with a major saxophone professor. There's nothing guaranteed here yet but it's something I'm going to work on.

Videos: I can write about things all day long but it would make much more sense if I can demonstrate them. I'm no virtuoso and this blog is as much about my development as it is helping folks but I think this is something that could be helpful and something that, quite frankly, I should have already been doing.

Gear Discussions: I've been avoiding these because my opinion is that the most important piece of gear is the one you were born with. That said, I see lots of misinformation out there and want to have a really down to earth discussion about gear. It might save you younger players some money!

Chamber Music and Starting a Chamber Ensemble: This is something that, with a little creativity, most folks can do and it's a blast (might get a gig or two out of it as well).

Tension: I'm seeing more and more overuse injuries and experiencing a few aches here and there myself. We're going to look in to finding excess tension in your set up (physical, not gear) and discuss ways it might be fixed.

Ok, folks, back to doing an inventory of cellos and cleaning woodwind and brass mouthpieces. It's a beautiful day at the Interlochen Center for the Arts!