Friday, November 18, 2016

Thoughts from the Desk of Ye Olde Music Major

  • For wind players- Your sound is your voice, and your interpretation is what you have to say. Make both as profound as you possibly can.
  • Every note you play is important and should be played with as beautiful of a sound as you can muster. I don't care if you are playing a scale. You should strive to make every note of that scale the most beautiful thing you've ever played, period.
  • Your technique should be refined to the point that it doesn't a: get in the way of your sound and b: prevent you from saying what you want to say. This is a lifelong journey and we all struggle with it.
  • If you become angry or frustrated with yourself during a practice session, walk away. Banging your head against the wall only hurts your head.
  • Scales aren't the thing. They are the thing that gets you to the thing.
  • Long tones/overtones- see above. 
  • Fundamentals never stop being cool.
  • Very few people can practice for 3-4 hours straight and actually be productive. Take breaks. Let your fingers, mouth, and brain recover.
  • Being a musician is a physical activity. The better shape you're in the easier it becomes.
  • Stage fright is normal.
  • Taking the above into account, if you are too scared to play your instrument in front of people how on earth do you expect to pick up a baton and conduct 50-60 people in front of an audience?
  • Love what you do.